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As he sat down at the bar to another pint of stout, her voice whispered in
his ear, a voice he hadn't heard in years. Startled, he looked around. Out
of all the faces, none seemed to contain the proper features to produce a
voice so sweet.He stared back at his beer and wept.

-Linda Mullinax
Today is the last day..the last chance i have..should i tell him? should i
let him know how i feel? I'm admiring him from afar...i want to go to him..be
near him..he looks at me..eye contact is made...i cant move..he smiles.. and
the blood rushes to me face..can he tell how i feel? yes!


She stood with a careful eye over the audience, making sure everyone was
watching her. Her name was about to be announced for yet another Homecoming
Princess award. Once it was, she gently slid the shawl off her shoulders, put
the black handgun to her mouth and pulled the trigger. She was finally free.


Know I have the advantage just visiting the world they live in stay
permanently connected to friends, family, loves, while I get what I can from
them then move on. Walking down a street mistaken for a lot of things I'm not;
undercover cop, prostitute,
potential girlfriend. Men see what they want and fear.

My brain produces amber
Sex with you behind yellow curtains, sex
Sunset gold bursting from every corner, sunset
Honey sweat honey
No rushing everything moving, no
Every second
Every connection
Amber, I remember amber
Spooned motionless spooned
Darker honey it's late it's darker
Amber held in amber.

a romance in four haiku and a two-word phrase at the end

on that day above

the cliffs over the ocean

i saw the future:

a farm in vermont

with a little stream downhill

and maybe some sheep

at noon, lying down

in the shade of a maple

reading or napping

yes, a fantasy:

but as long as i knew it

it didn't matter

imagination forever

and the storm edges along the bitstream
<*fn*> yes, i know.
<*fn*> why are you so?
I guess
I took more of an interest in words and images
and sounds
I compromise myself
<*fn*> don't we all.
and then
<*fn*> i could call her cell.
%100 packet loss
glowering at me
or not


I pretended not to notice as she approched.

"Hi", she said, "I decided to look for you."

I put my notebook to one side.

"I didn't think I'd find you", she added.

I retorted, "I had just stopped thinking about you, I have a lot of work
to do."

She sighed and sat down.

-Rob Reinert
Someone asked me, "Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island
with?"  I cursed your name in that instant.  I cursed your mother, your
father, your siblings, and your squeaky cat.  I remember the way you
tasted when your tongue took up my entire mouth, and I hate you for it.

-Karen Piotrowski

He will be Frank Benson.
He will have worked seven years at a technology
He will have graduated in the top ten percent of his
He will have been a Boy Scout leader for two years.
He will never have been convicted of a felony.
He will never have applied here before.



Without fear he strode, purposefully towards the dock.
He turned, hollered and sprinted the 15 meters of the dock, dodging fishermen as he went. Over a rope, around a tackle box he didn't halt.
Unstoppable he kept running, legs a-pumping, crashing into the water.
That was the last of Billy Jones. Nutragrain. Dangerous stuff.

"You're mad," I croaked.
The professor withdrew from the wide window, smiling,
as his creations flooded the sky.
"Six billion floating, robot cameras. One to
scrutinize every human being on the planet."
I rose, a heavy steel claw holding my shoulder.
"It's what people want. What my Lila wanted..." he
said, touching her painting.


Running out of the 7-11,really embarrassed. I accidentally threw my
cocaine on the counter while paying for beer. Grabbed it and ran.
one night while walking I saw someone new working, ran in and
slapped down cash. The manager walked out of the backroom glaring at
me. My twenty rolled into a tube.

-Damanda Lottacash

"I hate these goddamned boxes," I said, packing files for the company
move. Esther walked around the cubicle - "Hey Thor, do something
funny." Grumbling, I slipped a box on my head and began to sing. "If
you want my body; and you think I'm sexy; c'mon sugar let me know." My
job sucks ass.

-K. Thor Jensen

The Mirror fell to the floor with a nervecutting shatter and scattered all about his feet. The old man looked at his many reflections in the shards at his feet and said, without looking up, "A pity the loss of such a fine mirror, but that is 7 years that I'll still be alive."

-The Reverend Jack Dick Davis and his
Polychromatic Kermie Kabal

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