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Running out of the 7-11,really embarrassed. I accidentally threw my
cocaine on the counter while paying for beer. Grabbed it and ran.
one night while walking I saw someone new working, ran in and
slapped down cash. The manager walked out of the backroom glaring at
me. My twenty rolled into a tube.

-Damanda Lottacash

"I hate these goddamned boxes," I said, packing files for the company
move. Esther walked around the cubicle - "Hey Thor, do something
funny." Grumbling, I slipped a box on my head and began to sing. "If
you want my body; and you think I'm sexy; c'mon sugar let me know." My
job sucks ass.

-K. Thor Jensen

The Mirror fell to the floor with a nervecutting shatter and scattered all about his feet. The old man looked at his many reflections in the shards at his feet and said, without looking up, "A pity the loss of such a fine mirror, but that is 7 years that I'll still be alive."

-The Reverend Jack Dick Davis and his
Polychromatic Kermie Kabal
The student looked up at the teacher after presenting his project, which
looked alot like an ant farm, but round.  It was mostly blue, with some
chunks of white and green and brown. Tons of little creatures scurrry
about very meaningful important lives...
"How did I do ma'am"? he said.
"Well sir, you failed".


The goats that graze in my head are like a million little people running in
and out of my brain eating up all my knowledge. I'm tired of all the metaphors
and analogies that come with life. Can't we all just be naive kids again and
accept balloons and jack-o-lanterns for what they are?

-Glenna Bob
All at once I realized that Robin had decided to stop lying. I tried
not to let it show in my eyes, lest she reconsider and put the mask
back on. I glanced casually down at my coffee cup, stirred, and looked
back at her as if I was looking at a blank wall.

I tried to open my eyes but too much brass monkey last night...oh man what a
hangover. I couldn't remeber much about the night before, but I do remember
good sex. I looked under my blankets and I saw the best looking chick
imaginable. Then I noticed it was my sister's lesbian girl friend.

last week i got a guitar. i can't play well, but playing
loud makes up for it. the distortion i add makes me sound
like a pro. i rock out, but the neighbors think differently
and call the popo on me. the popo ruff me up and pull the
plug on my little amp.

Everyone thinks they're Raymond Carver when all they want to do is
write, when they're nineteen and bored at a southern girl's school. One
hundred stories are submitted in the style of Carver ("My girlfriend,
Betty, she was at the table with her checkbook and a glass of milk...")
and not one measures up.

-catherine doss
I am the girl you see in the window of the coffee shop when you are stuck in
a traffic jam. I'm the girl who sits on that bench in the airport as you are
about to miss your plane. I'm the girl who wants to know you. But you will
never know me.

He walked by and said "Do you have transport back?" and I never knew then he
would be my husband. It was a quiet full moon night and I never knew then
that he had cancer, and that my world would crash to pieces,and that we
would have only one beautiful year together.

the slender black glass drops to the floor with a crash. "who are you"
cries a terrified woman. "i am the angel of death" replies the shadow
man quietly. "i knew you were coming for me i had just hoped....."
"hoped? for what?" "the apocalypse you moron! all those years at church
wasted..... damn"

-Judy Mishoe

walking hopelessly down the narrow echoing alley, a lonesome man caught
sight of just a sparkle of concealed metal. curious, the solitar
strained for the curbside treasure and shuffled the find ungainly in
his hand. it was just a nickel, the minted date twined his birth.
weeping, he remebered yesterday his aged plused one.

justin simoni

in the dream, a woman pulled my arm through a fence,
held it fast, and tattooed it with broad red lines
a band at the wrist
I wrote:

I was marked by Magdalena
Held pinioned, still with fear
under her spray of rage.

Like a skin-thin sarcophagus
she colored my world
impermanent, forever.

-quiet hand

She met me after work and we went for coffee at one of those all-night
donut shops that are supposed to be so strange and scary. Instead of
being filled with sights of the underbelly belly-filling, it was full
of eager college freshman, eyes flitting around looking for ideas for
their pretentious short stories.

Candace Feit
With an impromptu gesture seemingly intended to convey majesty, our
candidate instead revealed a gracelessness absolutely contradicting the
eloquence of her speech. I was infuriated, yet a voice inside my head
imagined one of her handlers (and she surely had dozens) having warned,
Don't dare move from the podium until the curtains been drawn.

Shubert Fieffer
Marriage, Mortgage & Fatherhood

He had been contemplating his situation for some time now. Eventually he
would have to make the hard decisions. The ones he had been avoiding.
The ones that he was content to allow everyone else to decide for him.
What if his decisions made him unhappy and he had no one else to blame?

His hands, bloodless now, rest on the barrel. His toe on the

The note :

"For most, all the words in the world would not suffice. I could
write like Shakespeare or as much as Tolstoy and they'd still not
understand. For the understanding few only five words suffice:
'Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...'"

jeff putnam
Third Grade

In class, we saw picture books of spears quivering in the sides of
caribou, with long-haired men pursuing wide-eyed beasts. I admired these
real people, hungry and dangerous! So I tried chasing beasts and
spearing hides, but it was harder than I thought, and the animals cried
piteously. When I woke up, I vomited.


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